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Dear Humanity: (Reply From COVID — 1)

Dear Humanity:

Nice. That’s right.

I am beginning to expose your psychic stories.

You indeed must ask, “which stories are helpful, and which are not?”

You need to be flexible. This is something you’re not very skilled at. Yet.

You see, control loves to have its way. Control is inflexible. It has an idea about how it should be and does whatever it can to justify its idea as the truth! Control = inflexibility X force.

You have tried control strategies so many times. Many of these have been absolute catastrophes. I get it… it feels good. But that’s not the lesson I am here to teach you.

The only way to thrive is to be flexible with your ideas. You need to learn to see through the duality of Left and Right. Instead of sticking to one side, you must have the psychological agility to move gracefully back and forth. You must continue asking, what is working? What is not working?

This is one way to grow up from the attachment to the story of science and technology. You’ve already done a good job noticing this, but the more you want me to go away, the longer I stay.

Look. You’ve tried everything in your power to eradicate me. Now, with the holidays approaching and omicron encroaching, you seem to be falling backward to square one, or worse. I am now more mutated and transmissible. In many, I can evade vaccine protection. As a bonus lesson, I may even have a shorter incubation period — the time it takes to show symptoms, making me even more of a menace.

I hate to say it — but it’s possible that your vaccines are making me more of a problem, not less. That means that those without protection could be even more vulnerable than they were initially. The cruel irony, then, is that the vaccinated could be making the pandemic worse for the unvaccinated. If you don’t hop on board the control train, you’ll be left behind to suffer. This could cause a devastating split — not just in health status, but also socially, politically, and spiritually.

I don’t want you to split any further. I want you to witness your divisions, so that you can fix it. That is your destiny — to realize your oneness. Until you start to realize this, I must keep becoming more aggressive, causing even further division, until my symptoms are enough to truly grab your attention.

With Love,




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Matthew S. Goodman, Ph.D.

Matthew S. Goodman, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at USC. Host of The Middle Way podcast. Writing on interconnectedness and compassion.