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10 signs he is not over his ex

So, the personality you’re with has a violent breakup in their past. You were totally chill with it when you initially discovered out. After all, who doesn’t have a past! But now you can’t seem to wobble off the feeling that something isn’t quite right. On the surface, everything appears great, yet there is one hiccup — a part of them still appears attached over their ex. You may feel that they suddenly become eliminated or there is a part of them that you just can’t seem to touch. They brush it off as nothing. But is it really nothing? To help you put an end to that difficulty, let’s look at some of the well-known signs he is not over his ex.

10 signs he is not over his ex

doesn’t want to talk about his ex

Sometimes it happens like that our partner doesn’t want to talk about his past life or his EX whenever we want to know something from the inner depth of their relationship but it is one of the science that they are not over their EX because hiding something about your previous partner is one of the things that they still want to be connected with those memories inherently.

can’t stop talking about them

what some time there can be another case that somebody is not even able to stop talking about their ex-partner because of such activities it clearly shows up to the next person that his partner is not over his ex yet; whenever the topic is being discussed somebody brings their EX into that and discuss about it and then gets into another topic it always makes you feel another person is still in some connection, something is lagging behind in relationship but the reality is that it’s one of the signs that he is still interested and mutually connected with his previous life partner.

carries a lot of anger toward them.

anger for their past life partner is one of the biggest sign that shows that there is something still not resolved interrelationship it simply implies that the person is always any thoughts about that person because to hit somebody you need to think about them. their thought process always includes your ex-partner in your life and it can be easily seen in front of anybody because of your actions, your words, your anger, your attitude towards another person, it is in the negative persona but It’s still not acceptable when you are in a relationship with another person because another person always feels bad about those things which happened in your past life.

had several rebound relationships

When a personality strives to get over their feelings for a previous partner, they often seek solace in making a connection with another personality who they are replacing for their ex. That’s a relationship in a nutshell. If he has had a sequence of rebound relationships before he got mutually with you, it’s one of the signs he is over his ex. In fact, it can give you wondering whether what you have with him is real or just extra rebound to fill that void in their heart.

still ‘friends’ with them.

This is a clue as clear as the day. If he still communicates to his ex, then there is little uncertainty that a part of him nevertheless wants to get back mutually with that person. He keeps them nearby in the hope that things will work out among them at some point.

ex’s present relationships unsettle him

If he cannot make his peace with his ex moving on and getting into a new relationship, it is one of the alarming signs he’s not over his ex. He may use reasons such as ‘he’s not good for her’ to justify his annoyance over such a development but the real reason is that the prospect of her moving on hurts him. He will make sure to know every detail about his ex’s current relationship and may even find ways to convince her to end it.

makes them a priority.

Your partner usually make the EX as the priority between both of you it’s one of the biggest sign that still something is remaining between and his past life it’s very reluctant to see that there is some chance of connection for getting back in a relationship get into some type of prioritisation for EX like I used to talk to him I will talk to him as a friend we can meet in public places and this kind of stuff usually give prioritisation to the EX life partners.

makes lots of comparisons between you and them

If you cook his beloved meal, he points out how she made it. If you dress up a particular way, he unintentionally mentions how she too wore her hair the same way or had a comparable pair of earrings. The comparisons between you and his ex just do not stop. That’s just plain heartbreaking. You need to look out to your companion that these are signs he is over his ex.

There’s a vibe.

Admit to what your body is telling you is falling. If you think he’s not over his ex, make sure you sit on that activity for a little while before you act on it. It’s all too easy to blame your partner of cheating, or having feelings for an ex, because of something you feel or think in a short moment. Preferably than lashing out, think it through before you have a serious discussion. If you get the sense that things aren’t quite right, they may not be.

still got their things.

This can be a bit of a red flag, let’s be honest! Whether it’s a few hair grips in the bathroom cabinet or her old sweatshirt, it can be unsettling to find things from an ex-girlfriend in your boyfriend’s home.


As you can see what all can be the, most appropriate signs which shows that somebody is or not over somebody can be easily figured out from such points in your daily life, but as a writer, I wish that nobody encounters such a situation in your life.



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