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My Restless Weekends: How I Found Success Beyond 9–5

Weekends Became My Secret Weapon for Achievement

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My Restless Weekends: How I Found Success Beyond 9–5
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In every religion, culture, and professional work environment, for the majority, weekends are sacred places where people detach from their work and focus on other activities.

Some prefer to go on vacation, hang out with friends, go clubbing, night out, drink alcohol, date, one night stands, and others just stay at home with family by doing nothing serious.

“If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.”
― Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I am not against this culture, I love to spend time with my parents and brother. I love to watch movies and go on vacations. But I rarely do these activities.

I am 34 years old and a full-time writer. I love to give my best every day and it has made my life a success. Now, as we know success and happiness are subjective. I feel and see my life as a success story and I think there are many things people can learn from me.

My Father’s Influence On Me

I owe the instinct to work on weekends to my father. My father has his workshop where he repairs and manufactures washing machines used in hosiery industries.

Only 3–4 people work in the workshop including my brother. Because the workshop is on the ground floor of our home, I have been raised seeing my father working on weekends.

“Every great athlete, artist and aspiring being has a great team to help them flourish and succeed — personally and professionally. Even the so-called ‘solo star’ has a strong supporting cast helping them shine, thrive and take flight.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

When I was kid, my father used to tell me that whenever he did not work he felt bad all day. He finds it difficult to spend his day.

Even, when I was not studying, I used to do part-time work in our workshop and support my father. In this way, I have learned to work most of the time even on weekends.

My Curiosity Let Me To Work On Weekends

I am a very curious person. I love to learn new things. I study a lot and try to improve my existence. When I am not writing and working out, I try to gather some information online even on random stuff.

“In broad terms; success is something you spend your lifetime looking for and happiness is something you spend your whole life overlooking”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

For example, this week, I have learned the importance of drinking 1 gallon of water each day. It helps a lot in muscle building. I have also learned the importance of a humid environment in the working room.

Therefore, no matter what happens, I try to keep engaging myself on weekends. I do not have a rest day because when I break my habit of exercising, it becomes difficult for me to resume it.

My College Days Routine

When I was doing Engineering. I used to watch informational content online. There was a study room in my hostel and library. I used to spend most of my time there.

“The true measure of your success is the degree to which within you are truly content — and the depth to which others hold you with real love and respect”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

I never had a girlfriend, therefore, I kept myself occupied on weekends.

How I Spend My Weekends

I write a lot. I am working on my 2nd book, therefore, I try to utilize most of the time there. I try to spend my least 2–3 hours each day on workouts. I live alone and I do not have friends here. Sometimes, I watch some movies.

“Success is secondary to impact. Success is a list of what you win, gain and attain — it may pass it may remain. Impact is the test; the hearts, minds and lives you touch, enhance and forever change…”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

My Writing Career Success Story

I belong to a poor family and I had a huge educational loan. Last year, I got rid of that loan. I have made a good amount of money from writing on Quora and Medium.

I was a social media influence and I had done good brand collaborations. My first book Carl Jung on Synchronicity has shown a very good response. Last year, I published this book and I have sold over 300 copies of it internationally. I am selling around 30–50 copies each month.

I have been working on the medium since 2020. I have written many articles that went viral. My highest month was around $1400. Many of my single articles have made over $300.

“Recipe of SUCCESS needs tons of morale, flavor of attitude and hours of patience to cook.”
― Vikrmn,
Guru with Guitar

This platform has recently changed its algorithm and my earnings has been decreased but still, I am making a good living out of it.

My Mental Health Success Story

In 2019, when I was doing my Ph.D. at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi, I was at the lowest level of my physical and mental health. Yet I am joyful by nature. However, I have suffered stress, anxiety, and insomnia due to very strict coursework.

Sometimes, I used to sleep in the lab because we had very poor hostel conditions. We had a very tiny apartment of 2 small rooms and I had to share that apartment with 3 other boys.

After leaving IIT and starting to focus on my online freelance career. I have learned so many things about my mental health. I was obese in 2019, but then I started working out on my physique. I am in my best physical and mental health these days.

Recently, I have got rid of my porn, smoking, and watching YouTube addiction. My sleep quality has been improved. I was not a kind of porn addict but I used to watch it once a week. But I used to watch it for at least 2–3 hours like a binge-watch. That was my main addiction.

I have successfully got rid of all these addictions. Now, I can say that I am living a very healthy and joyful life. Yes, I am not making much money like my friends.

“Set yourself up for success by preparing a sacred space to set the tone for your practice, and it’s helpful to establish some level of consistency. For some, that means taking time during their commute to meditate and journal. For others, that means sitting on the back porch early in the morning or meditating for a few minutes on the couch. Still others will have a sacred corner with an altar, including an image of Christ, a few candles, and a place to store your journal.”
― Benjamin W. Decker,
Meditations on Christ: A 5-Minute Guided Journal for Christians

I have friends who are placed in Amazon and other big companies. My other friends are settled in abroad. But I do not compare myself with them.

I do not value money in my life. I am not making huge but I am also not making less.

“Even a poor bed feels best when you are content with life.”

-Som Dutt

Until, I have not stopped giving my best. I am ok with my efforts.

My meaning in life is to improve humanity through my writing and thinking. I want to inspire people. I want to make people think. And I think I am on the right track.

Final Thoughts

I have read a few philosophical books by heart. I have also experienced philosophy and psychology by heart. I think that my knowledge can improve others’ lives.

I have sympathy toward people who are labeled with mental health disorders. I love them. I consider them as gifted people. I think I can understand people better than they understand themselves and I can help them in living a better life.

I want to inspire people with my life. I want to inspire people with my honesty, caring, and trustful nature. I am spreading joy and kindness in the world and this is how I roll.

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