Psychosis Poetry
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Psychosis Poetry

Psychosis Poems #37

Psychosis Poetry Presents… A Poem on Sensory Overload and Abuse.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Sensory overload,
You better hit the road.
It consumes me And me alone,
Need to get someone on the phone .
Ring ring ring, no answers forever more,
Common as fuck for me to ignored.
Do I make you feel…




This publication is home to every poem by Amethyst Knoxxx. Her poems include topics such as Mental Illnesses of all kinds, Toxic Relationships, Psychology, and her journey as a Poly-Addict trying to share her deepest thoughts and feelings with the world.

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Lilith Grimm

Lilith Grimm

Indie Author, Poet, Writer, and Editor for 10 Publications as well as running three of her own Publications while battling over 14 mental illness'--such as DID.

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