City Hopper Studios of PA

“Erin Auses is a city-hopper, having lived in Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, New Orleans, San Francisco, Syracuse and Pittsburgh. She has always been an admirer of architecture and her artistic point of view furthered that interest.
Despite having strabismus — a vision condition which prevents depth perception — Erin earned her degree from Tulane University’s School of Architecture in 2002. She spent her college summers developing her pen & ink drawing skills by documenting historic sites and structures for the Historic
American Engineering Record. Her original drawings of those sites are now housed in the United States Library of Congress. Erin went on to a retail architecture career, designing stores for the make-up brand Sephora.
She also began creating pen & ink architectural drawings for letterpress company Cardamom Press. They issued card sets highglighting landmarks for Pittsburgh, Seatlle & Chicago. But in 2012, Erin sustained a traumatic brain injury which brought both careers to an immediate halt. Seeking a slower-paced life, she and her husband hopped cities again to Syracuse, NY with their
3 small children in 2013. Still unable to work full-time, Erin stayed home with her children and slowly began taking commissions for house portraits, wedding invitations and birth announcements. She began drawing again in 2016 to expand Cityhopper’s offerings by two more card sets: New York & Washington, D.C. Erin is now back in her hometown of Pittsburgh with her husband and 4 kids. She has made a complete recovery and continues to run Cityhopper while doing freelance architectural design. She is excited to exhibit for the first time at The National Stationery Show and looks forward to more opportunities to draw.”



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