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Stephanie of RI

Like so many others, I suffer from OCD and anxiety. I have tried many coping mechanisms and still continue to work towards finding relief. One way that I have been able to alleviate my feelings of anxiety is through acts of kindness and that was my reasoning behind making over 50 origami cat cards for psych ward patients. One day I was watching the news and I saw an interview with Lady Gaga on the Today Show. I listened to her speak about her struggles with mental health and how she has found the most relief by helping others. Her words really resonated with me and I truly believe that by helping others you help heal yourself. Kindness is very therapeutic and one small acts can have a chain reaction. The past year has brought on many unexpected challenges in particular for those suffering from mental health issues. Quarantine and an increase in unemployment has not been easy on many people. While I have been extremely fortunate and have been working from home, I have additional free time from no longer having a daily commute. I am grateful for the opportunities I have and wanted to find a way to do something nice for someone who may not be as fortunate. I love crafts and am a cat lover and wanted a fun way to spread positivity to people struggling during this time. I did a quick google search and stumbled across ForLikeMinds and their psych ward greeting card program. I spent time folding the origami cats each night after working from home and brainstormed positive messages for each card. After completing the cards I had them all lined up on my desk. They brought a smile to my face as I sat and worked at my computer, I was sad to see them go but it warmed my heart to know they would be on their way to bring happiness to someone else who needed it. Making origami cat cards not only helped spread messages of positivity and hope to psychiatric patients, it was also therapeutic to me. I found it calming to sit their folding each origami square and creating artwork for each cat. I also felt motivated throughout the workday when I looked up at saw the smiling faces of the paper cats. I hope that someone else is inspired to do something kind for someone else because creating a kinder world does have a positive impact on mental health. — Stephanie



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We are dedicated to the recovery of people living with mental illness and their families.