Isa Salazar of DC

“When I met Katherine for the first time at The National Stationery Show, there was no doubt in my mind that I would donate to her program. Personally I’ve found that letter writing, penpals, hand written notes, and anything of the sort can be incredibly impactful to my own mental health. Knowing you’re not alone, and seeing another person’s handwriting that is meant for you and your eyes, something you can save and hold in your hand, can feel very special and heart-warming, no matter how simple the message is. I wanted to contribute what I could to Katherine’s program, to help spread care and compassion to those who might appreciate it most.”

  • Isa Salazar

A heartfelt thanks, Isa for your wonderful contribution of hundreds of cards to our Psych Ward Greeting Cards program. These cards are wonderfully beautiful. They bring nature’s beauty outside inside to the too many patients with mental illness locked up. They are perfect cards for people with mental illness. It reminds them of what’s waiting for them on the outside. On behalf of our patients thank you for your kindness, compassion, and for supporting our mental illness community. Please support Isa and her beautiful designs.

Isa Salazar paints botanically inspired patterns for her greeting cards, gift tags, and place cards. Isa first discovered her passion for visual arts as a teenager and in college, where she studied darkroom photography and printmaking. She began designing stationery while working as the creative photographer for Terrain, as a creative outlet away from the camera and as a way to translate patterns seen in nature. As an avid letter and post card writer, creating stationery seemed a natural fit. Isa draws inspiration largely from nature, but also from her surroundings in the city. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon and her production is all done in the U.S.

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Designed by Isa Salazar



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We are dedicated to the recovery of people living with mental illness and their families.