Lenox Hill Hospital of NYC

November 6, 2019

BACK TO THE HOSPITAL. I had a wonderful busy visit today at Lenox Hill. My visit started with a brief meeting with Kristin. I gave a few items for those patients in most need of cheering up — Emily’s Emily Cromwell Illustration + Surface Design wonderful Mini Positivity Cards, some supplies, a couple of gifts. I also gave Kristin our lovely Thanksgiving Day cards donated by Gloria Lau and Linda Rouse, which Kristin promised to distribute on Thanksgiving Day. During the group session I spoke a little about my hospitalization experiences, we laid the cards with messages written by the patients at NY-P hospital on the table. Each patient selected a card. We then laid out our amazing Quotable Cards Quotable Cards, which the patients really loved. We asked patients to write in their goals for the next year which perfectly matches Quotable’s inspirational quotes and in a second card to write messages for other patients. Each patient read the message from NY-P patients and their top goal aloud. And of course, to sweeten things up a little I brought lollipops — the good ones. The patients really enjoyed the visit — some said it was the best hospital activity they had ever had. I would like to thank all of our fabulous card donors. And send a huge thanks to Lenox Hill’s amazing arts therapists Kristin, Maryanne, Sana, and Nalini and most especially the truly wonderful patients of Lenox Hill. Thank you for sharing your hope with us, xo ForLikeMinds community and friends. (our program here: https://bit.ly/34yr3rR). Thank you to all our supporters.




Sharing hope in the Psych Ward

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