Payne Whitney Clinic, NY-P Hospital & NY-P Westchester Behavioral Health Center

Valentine’s Day

I just opened your package.

“Each card was a little gem.”

“It’s extraordinary! Very delightful.”

“It really did not feel like Valentine’s Day in the hospital until we received your cards!”

“The handmade drawings and illustrations are beautiful and make us feel like someone cares.”

“The messages really lifted up our spirits and gave us a sense of hope.”

“She gets us”.

“I was touched that the cards were sent by someone who has been where we are now.”

“I love the cute little pink origami heart boxes filled with candy”.

“How did you know? Chocolate is so therapeutic!”

“Thank you for making our stay more friendly and welcoming.”




Sharing hope in the Psych Ward

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We are dedicated to the recovery of people living with mental illness and their families.

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