Fight me for the Moin Moin and Bounty comments

I like My Moin Moin With A side of Jam

Yes, I am a little crazy.

Sometime last year, a friend shared an article with me. The author proposed we ask each other “How are you mad?”, in the process of getting to know one another.

In getting to know myself last year, this question was my north star. In following this north star — with alot more assurance than I would have with google maps in Lagos- I came up with a few answers.

Ha, Ha, Ha. These things make me undoutedly off my rockers. Is that even the right saying? Basically, I get small crase. But I am also human and this really is all I aspire to be.

These are a few ways in which I, Olufunmilade Ayoola Adeniyi-Taiwo, am mad.

  1. My neck twitches when I remember painful experiences. I wrote about this before. This just means I’ve repressed a lot. It’s alright, I think. I’m dealing with it, again, I imagine I am.
  2. I’m scared to eat in front of certain people because I was really fat when I was young. During this period, these people were instrumental in fat shaming me. Now, they think I’m too skinny and should eat more. I however, have chosen not to in front of them. Catch 22 of life.
  3. I don’t understand genuine emotion. I doubt it, scrutinize and pick at it till the moment passes. More than often, I lose out on actually enjoying the emotion.
  4. I think Bounty out ranks all the other chocolates in the celebration box. Let’s discuss this at any Cafe Neo location in Lagos.
  5. I like my moin moin with a side of jam.

Now you know me a little better. I am mad in those ways and more. If you can, please answer that question. Constantly thinking about what makes me tick has made me very self-aware. I understand a little better the link between my thoughts and actions and I find it hard to overstate the benefits of this.

So do this today. Ask yourself how exactly you are unlike everybody else and fall in love with what you discover. It will help, I promise.

Feel Better, Live Better; Get PsyndUp

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This post was submitted by Funmilade Taiwo ( @ftaiwo )

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