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Psy Biweekly Update

It’s finally the “Wednesday after next”, and we’re back with our Biweekly update! We’re dropping the “options” from “PsyOptions Biweekly Update” now that we’ve expanded our product offering to include PsyFinance. It’s bittersweet to see it go, but luckily for us we have that…option. Now let’s get into the update!

Product Updates

On the PsyFinance side of things, we’ve recently increased the caps for our SOL and ETH Covered Call Vaults! The max vault capacities are now 7,500 SOL and 200 ETH respectively. Now more users can get in on that sweet, sweet yield!

We’ve also started designing an overhauled UI for PsyFinance. As soon as things start shaping up, we’ll start dropping the teasers for you all!

This past week some of our team members stopped by mtnDAO for some hacking (and a bit of skiing). We were able to pass out some more of the coveted PSY merchandise, as well as speak with a few people working on some of our outstanding bounties! We’ll have more information regarding these upon completion.

The Convergence Hackathon concluded during the time since our last update, and we’d like to thank everyone who helped organize it as well as all of the developers who participated! The Future of France starts with the builders, and we’re happy to see all of these developers come together to do what they do best: build. Congratulations to the PsyOptions Track winners, Sollar Protocol, and the PsyOptions Planner!

Finally, the $PSY and $SRM dual rewards farm on Atrix Protocol went live, and is currently yielding 326% APY!

Community Updates

We’re currently in the process of overhauling our Discord, so if you’ve seen some changes don’t worry. We’ve added a few more channels in an effort to facilitate an environment where options traders from all backgrounds can come together to help each other grow as traders!

While you’re around, make sure to check out the “Events” tab in our Discord often to learn more about events we have coming up.

Our first educational video is out now, and you can check it out on our YouTube. In it we cover the basics of options! Additionally, we hosted separate Twitter spaces with members of CMS Holdings, as well as the Jungle Finance team during the time since our last update. Those recordings have been uploaded to our Youtube, and all future spaces will also be uploaded there if you ever miss one!

Finally, we have weekly community chats every Monday at 17:00 UTC in our Discord. Mark those calendars, and come join us!

As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord and Telegram servers. We’re looking forward to having you as part of our community!



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