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PsyOptions Weekly Update

Is the coast clear? Hopefully everybody made it out ok! Yet another wild day in the crypto industry. It isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. That’s why we keep building! With that said, come check out what we’ve been working on this week.

This is fine..

Product Updates

This week has been more of the same: stomping out bugs that have popped up during alpha testing, and making minor improvements that have been suggested by our alpha testers. To expand a bit, we’ve tweaked the font, fixed an order matching bug, and added a cancel all orders/settle all funds button. We’ve also been gathering feedback from our peer reviewers and making the necessary protocol improvements!

Great design is a key factor to a projects success, and throughout the week we have been working with some designers who reached out to us on improving the user experience for PsyOptions. The design team is finding it’s stride, and we should have some mockups for you all soon!

Uh oh! Someone drained our USDC faucet. We’re up against the supply limits for the SPL Mint that represents our USDC on Devnet. A single whale has control over 54% of the supply, and it’s time for us to 46% attack them before they can 54% attack us. We’ll have a new mint with some new markets up soon.

Picture this, but on Devnet

Community Updates

On the community side of things, we’ve been focused on making things more engaging for our community members as we wait for the release of V1. We’ve started crowning Community Members of the Week to highlight our outstanding community members, and our inaugural Community Member of the Week is Arabic_Keyboard#1111! Thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air to the community!

We’ve also been forced to hold off on onboarding new Alpha testers at the moment due to the faucet issues we noted above. Once there is a solid work around for the issue, we’ll start getting more of you involved! Thank you all for your patience!

As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord and Telegram servers for more discussion!



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