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6 Things You CAN’T Do With Fabric Markers

While our little idea has been very well received around the world, and we’ve seen more than 20,000 unique customer designs in our first year, a question we see a good deal is, “Why would I pay $50 for something I can do with fabric markers and cheap t-shirt?”

We TOTALLY encourage any and all forms of individual creative expression, and would never criticize another form of creativity. Picture This Clothing is simply a very different experience from drawing on clothing with fabric markers with a very different end product. 
(Our stuff is also printed, cut, and sewn in the US by working age adults, who make a living wage.)

Some of our customers have shared some incredibly creative ways to design and wear their imagination that think outside the realm of markers or crayons, I want to share a few of them with you:


What’s more fun, colorful, and awesome than CANDY? We’ve seen so many imaginative examples, we’ve even seen frosting and sprinkles, and peanut butter and jelly
What kind of candy would you wear?

“100 pieces of candy” project in size 6 and 18" doll size; Markers, Markshmallows and mini-Hershey bars

2 - PETS

Combinations of markers and pet photos are one way to do it, but we’ve seen folks get extra inventive with pet designs. What an incredible way to show off the awesomeness of your fuzzy family member AND your imagination. ❤

Photo of customer’s pet cat + marker and construction paper; actual dog poked through pre-colored template.


Sometimes you have a piece of art around that’s near and dear to your heart, and it’d look pretty amazing in wearable fashion form. Some folks have Photoshop skills and are able to put their own artwork into a template. Other folks have followed our simple 5-step blog post on how to use one of our templates with existing artwork. In all approaches we’ve seen, it’s turned out really well!


From foods, to favorite toys, to guitar picks, Legos, seashells, and fidget spinners, we’ve seen more than we ever imagined possible through the creativity of our customers. What can you dream up?


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried covering an entire t-shirt, front to back, seam-to-seam with fabric markers, but it’s a real challenge. Markers dry up, attention spans dissolve… With our stuff, you color a coloring-book style page and everything inside your coloring outline will be printed full-bleed to the seams. Every piece we make is printed, THEN cut, THEN sewn right here in the good ol’ USA by working-age adults who make a living wage.

Full-bleed edges on a layered tissue paper collage; back view of two matching sibling dresses.


Maybe you want to wear your imagination AND share it with loved ones? We’ve made matching designs for BFFs, teams, Girl Scout troops, family reunions, companies and more. Bonus, there’s even an 18" doll/bear size. You *might* be able to do identical matching designs with fabric markers, and that could be a lot of really fun hours for you. Hats off for such an effort! We offer an alternate, super easy approach. ❤

If you’d like to explore way more examples of what amazing customers are making, check out our Facebook and/or Instagram pages. Or make your own at picturethisclothing.com!

With Care & Imagination,

Jaimee Newberry
Co-Founder, Picture This Clothing

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