5 STEPS: How to use existing art on your Picture This Clothing template

STEP 1: Gather Materials

Materials needed:
• Printed template in size of your choice from PictureThisClothing.com
• Existing kid-art of your choice
• Scissors
• Smartphone to take photo (not pictured, because I used it to take photos)

Step 2: Cut the center out of the template (inside the black outline)

Step 3: Position the “hollowed” template over the artwork to get it just right

Step 4: Get a nice, close up shot using your smartphone
Note: Try to make sure your phone doesn’t make a shadow on top of the image. And aim for nice, even lighting!

Step 5: Upload that amazing design at PictureThisClothing.com so we can print, cut, sew and ship it to you, ready to wear!


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