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Pteria DAO has decided to listen to the community and offer a cheaper way to trade its token: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and PancakeSwap.

The $PTERIA token was launched on Balancer and Uniswap on October 30th, 2020, and was an instant success. In recent months, however, things have changed and the Ethereum network has become too expensive for those who want to make small purchases or sales. We are talking about fees ranging from 30 to 300 dollars per transaction.

For this reason, $PTERIA will also be added to the Binance Smart Chain via a bridge offered by p.Network, a…

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Pteria DAO Ecosystem

Given the influx of new token holders and market traction, we thought it a good idea to briefly recap some components of the Pteria ecosystem.

The PTERIA token

The PTERIA token is a governance token within a DAO, managed through the Aragon protocol. Users can control the development of the DAO and take an active part in the team decision-making process by voting or making proposals.

The token has been gaining rapid market traction over the last few weeks as the roadmap milestones and Wallem events begin approaching reaching an ATH price over $35 yesterday!

The Wallem NFT series, issued…

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While Bitcoin is setting new records every day and is now approaching $60,000, Pteria DAO’s token PTERIA could not be outdone and is currently exceeding $30.

The token, listed for the first time on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Balancer just a few months ago, today marks its all time high and is now worth over $30, as you can see on Coinmarketcap or Coingeko.

Recently Pteria announced its interesting staking project that offers up to 24% annual reward for those who block its PTERIA tokens and vote for the DAO’s proposals.

Currently, in less than a month, over…

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After a period of testing, we are happy to announce that our staking program for PTERIA tokens has now begun.

At the moment there are already almost 1.4M PTERIA in staking. Founders and team will put their own tokens in staking soon too.

People who want to stake their tokens will receive rewards in return of voting for DAO proposals.

PTERIA is, in fact, a governance token, and so to receive rewards from staking users will need to vote to help the team to make some decisions for the project.

There are 3 tiers for staking within the DAO:

  • Monthly…

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Pteria DAO today completed a token burn that eliminated 12,25M of the total supply of PTERIA tokens.

According to the roadmap, this had to happen on Feb. 22nd but the team decided to do it sooner.

As you know, Pteria DAO started with a total supply of 21 million tokens.

Later, following the advice of the community, it was decided to drastically reduce the supply by making a token burning.

From day 1 there were two Pteria contracts, one with locked tokens and one with unlocked tokens (7.2M).

Now, the old contract has been totally burned in full, so 21–7.2 million.

This way, the founders, the advisors and the ecosystem have reduced the tokens, and now the total supply is 7.2M (of which 1% has been already burned thanks to Wallem).

Here the hash of the transaction:

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Today the Pteria DAO is announcing the decision to burn the unsold NFTs: 2 PewDiePie NFTs and 25 PugDog NFTs in order to reduce the total supply of these NFTs and allow the owners to earn more PTERIA tokens from them.

In fact, in total there were 100 PugDog NFTs. Of these, the Pteria DAO sold 55 NFTs for 1 ETH each, so 25 will be burned while the remaining 20 PugDogs will remain in the DAO so Pteria will be able to improve and speed up the development of its project.

Regarding the PewDiePie NFTs, the DAO sold 3…

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Exactly one month ago, Pteria DAO announced the launch of the PTERIA Token, a token designed for games and applications. The launch was a huge success thanks to the partnership with Wallem, an augmented reality game sponsored by the world’s most famous YouTuber: PewDiePie.

PTERIA has achieved excellent results in one month, creating a strong community on the various social media (1400 Twitter Followers, 1200 Telegram Members). Like in every crypto project, a lot of investors came to Pteria in search of quick and easy money, leaving after a few days. However, there were still many serious investors who understood…

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Pteria DAO has finally had a quiet week, with less news and more backend work. The team is working hard on the smart contracts of the DAO and Staking, as well as the automation of the NFT (PewDiePie and Pug Dog) rewards.

During the third week, the team was able to add all its social links on the two most popular statistics websites in the world: CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. This way, anyone who hears about the PTERIA token can actively engage via Telegram, Twitter or other social media.

We would also like to point out that last week, Wallem published…

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Upcoming Monthly Reward

Even though the Pteria project has been active for only 18 days, the team has never stopped introducing new things.

Today we will talk about the Stake, a feature available next month only for a lucky bunch. But before the Stake, we want to introduce a unique program for the most loyal PTERIANS, allowing them to take part in the Stake before it’s too late!

Pre-Stake by PTERIA

Pteria DAO has decided to create one ethereum Wallet to be used as a Pre-Stake, where you can send your PTERIA tokens, which will then be moved to the DAO when the…

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The Pteria DAO has so far released two sets of NFTs representing two skins from the Wallem game: PewDiePie and Pug Dog. The first is a limited series that has only been released in 6 copies!

Dozens of bids and in 5 hours the price grew so fast that Pteria decided to close the auction, selling the PewDiePies’ first NFT for a value of 57.75 ETH. The second PewdiePie NFT’s has been sold for 60 ETH.

Unfortunately, the buyer made a mistake and immediately accepted an offer for the same NFT, selling it for 1 ETH. A loss, in short…


PTERIA & NFT governed by a DAO

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