Pteria DAO burned 31257 PTERIA tokens

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PTERIANS — a Tale of Fire and Tokens

📢 Today we have big news: Wallem™ — the first app that is using PTERIA— burned 31257 PTERIA (Etherscan Txhash), decreasing the total supply.

Where do these 31257 PTERIA (157.000 $) tokens burned are coming from?

These tokens have been spent in the app by users, in particular:

  • 27195 PTERIA have been spent to join Wallem events;
  • 2562 PTERIA have been spent to buy skins that are not NFTs yet;
  • 1500 PTERIA that would have gone to the owners of the unsold 5 PewDiePie NFT’s.

This means that in 3 days since Wallem is available in the stores (iOS and Android), thousands of PTERIA tokens have already been spent by the gamers playing with Wallem!

Pteria DAO decided to give Wallem 2.5M PTERIA tokens. When a user plays and spends these tokens in events, 100% of them are burned in order to decrease the total supply of PTERIA.

Once the 2.5 mln are over, Wallem will buy more $PTERIA on the market using Uniswap or Balancer, creating a continuous demand for tokens.

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