Pteria Dao, token burn of 12.25 million PTERIA

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Pteria DAO today completed a token burn that eliminated 12,25M of the total supply of PTERIA tokens.

According to the roadmap, this had to happen on Feb. 22nd but the team decided to do it sooner.

As you know, Pteria DAO started with a total supply of 21 million tokens.

Later, following the advice of the community, it was decided to drastically reduce the supply by making a token burning.

From day 1 there were two Pteria contracts, one with locked tokens and one with unlocked tokens (7.2M).

Now, the old contract has been totally burned in full, so 21–7.2 million.

This way, the founders, the advisors and the ecosystem have reduced the tokens, and now the total supply is 7.2M (of which 1% has been already burned thanks to Wallem).

Here the hash of the transaction:

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