Pteria: the staking program has begun!

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After a period of testing, we are happy to announce that our staking program for PTERIA tokens has now begun.

At the moment there are already almost 1.4M PTERIA in staking. Founders and team will put their own tokens in staking soon too.

People who want to stake their tokens will receive rewards in return of voting for DAO proposals.

PTERIA is, in fact, a governance token, and so to receive rewards from staking users will need to vote to help the team to make some decisions for the project.

There are 3 tiers for staking within the DAO:

  • Monthly with a maximum of 999 Pteria,
  • Monthly with 1K Pteria or more,
  • Yearly with 1K Pteria or more.

In order to vote and stake your tokens, you need to go on the Pteria DAO page here on Aragon.

All tiers grant the ability to vote, but only the Yearly gives 24% annual interest.

Monthly staking rewards are offered for all three of the offered tiers, with the only requirement for receiving the reward being that users must participate in at least one DAO vote per month.

There are no set limits on the number of times a user may stake, nor the number of tiers a user can subscribe to. Monthly rewards may be paid out in Pteria, ETH, or a variety of tokens that are collected from DAO earnings from third-party affiliated projects, such as PNT, UNI and DOUGH.

To read more about our staking program, click here.

As the staking period has now begun, the pre-staking program is now over.

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