A quick fix is often nothing but a dangerous segue into even bigger problems.

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Do you have an anxious attachment style? Have you had your current partner or another partner be disloyal in the past, but you and your partner are doing really well now and your intention is to let all that old stuff go and move forward? If so, here’s something that really helps me…

Hack to Help Your Relationship Anxiety Right Now panic attack terrified scared upset emotional help me how do i stop freaking out girl with face in hands
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Remember that. Not enemies. **Unless you’re stuck in a case of abuse, narcissism, other extreme dysfunction, or infidelity** then generally speaking, the two of you are a team. …

Nothing feels worse than losing emotional control; here’s how to get (and keep!) hold of the reins. It’s not good for your heart to panic. Help yourself before it gets too far...

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Removing Trauma from the Brain is Harder than Performing an Exorcism on a Demonic Monkey

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