Soccer Forever

Soccer is one of the most interesting games. The thrill and the excitement which it provides, make people go crazy for it. We have fantastic news for all the football lovers. A football lover is someone who could leave everything just to see the match of his favorite team. To full fill the needs of such football lovers, we at present Pub Football Box.

A Pub Football Box (PFB) is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) that comes with the 12 months subscription, consists of 19 sport channels. All the matches will be in complete HD quality, 1080 pixels at 60 Hz.

PFB is internet ready pack. In order to watch, all we need to do is to plug-in our internet connection. There are a number of features which make it easy and friendly to use. They are:

• 12 months prepaid subscription.
• IPTV set up box.
• Commentary in English is available.
• It is simple and easy to install.
• We do not need antenna dish.

PFB gives us a number of benefits from its competitors in the market. These benefits are:

• We can enjoy pub football sessions simply sitting at the place of our choice. Every time it is not possible to go to the pub. To have that enjoyment of pubs, all we need to have is the internet access and the rest is managed by PFB. This box provides the same quality and thrill that we experience at the pubs.

• In a pub, we have some people who may not be of our choice or are creating a lot of nuisance and disturbing the enjoyment of the game. But installing PFB at home helps us to remove all those disturbing elements and helps us to enjoy with the people of our choice.

• We may have to move out of town due to some family or business purposes. Football lovers need not to worry now. PSB is portable and easy to carry.

Our main aim is to make available all the fun and excitement of this very beautiful game. We aim at presenting pub football experience, through our pub football box.