Stop Wasting Your Times in Social Media and Start Reading Books.

I would love to read books instead of wasting time on Social Media, Video Games, Movies, and other useless stuff.

Nitin Sharma
Oct 31, 2020 · 4 min read
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First of all, I am not at all addicted to Video games, Social Media, and it’s surprising but well it’s true. Now the topic shuffled to films and for that, I can even skip my exams studies and well said all of this goes in vain.

Films, Shows, Netflix, Amazon Prime, all the words seem me the same today. They are all wasting my time and my entire life. So I want to skip the unwanted things and want to become more productive and creative. I even heard that spending time on Social Media can be problematic.

In short, I have ruined my 500 hours of my life just doing useless stuff.

Recently though, I made the decision to become productive and started to buy books instead of new characters for this blasted game, and it’s changed everything — Tom Kuegler.

I don’t have anything against Social Media — I think they can be stress relievers sometimes — however, I believe that there are better ways to spend our time.

Why You Should Buy Books?

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Buying books is never a waste of money, time. Books are written to teach, encourage, motivate readers. Author even spend their entire life to publish a book that will change readers life and provide some impact.

The theory is simple enough, you want to become productive or even creative.

Buy books instead of Netflix, Amazon Prime premium— especially if you’re young! Take all the money and spend to increase it since it’s going to lose its value over time.

Really, be quick because the world is changing and you have to change as well.

I really don’t know what you are going to do after reading this story but If you bought a few books, chances are that you are going to explode.

I have read after that hundreds of books and even written curated stories like the below one. Take a look at the below story, it finally helps you to grasp books easily.

I am Feeling Incredible Now.

I told you that reading books will make you productive, creative, and it even boosts your mental health.

After that, I haven’t watched a movie, deleted futile apps. Enable app lock for Youtube to avoid distractions. The time I used to spend watching movies is now transferred to read. The money spent to buy a book was just vanished by getting knowledge, writing stories from it.

I am greatly satisfied with it and even trust — Book is our Best Friends.

Books even calm your stress and depression.

How do you earn by Reading Books?

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Source: Google trends

Content Writing is trending over the internet and it will be going to surpass everything.

Do you ever think what is the similarity between Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium? All want quality content because they are solely dependent on Content.

Well, I am going to ask the next question.

Do you ever think how Tim Denning, Jon Brosio, Tom Kuegler writes such incredible stories? Only after reading books.

Whole Content writing depends solely on Books and probably no one will going to tell you that.

Without Books, there will be no idea, no content, no stories, no earning, and finally no fame.

The Easiest Way To Become Smarter

Try it for 15 days, Read 2–3 business, autobiography books, or whatever you like.

Every time when you have money, spend it to earn more from it. Money can’t be increased faster in banks or even in Stocks. Money increases when it works for you.

It’s not a trouble-free process. You have to work hard. I am going to be somewhat selfish here since I only want to read books that can able to give me back at least more than what I spent.

To calm or refresh your mood leave it for some time and read it later. Spend some time with other activities that you love.

But read the book which you started, don’t just read it, implement it in your life.

Last but not the least, a single book is capable to change your entire life.

Social Media, Movies, Idiot box simply, will not make you smart.

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Nitin Sharma

Written by

Web Developer and Content Writer. Contact me at

Pub for Writers

A publication that focus on Writers.

Nitin Sharma

Written by

Web Developer and Content Writer. Contact me at

Pub for Writers

A publication that focus on Writers.

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