Information for Participants

Welcome to the homepage of the Project to study genetic link (heritability) of learning preferences for university students.

The goal of our study is to answer the question: to what extent do genes and environmental factors can explain variations in our learning preferences?

In order to answer this question, we would like to obtain data on learning styles from identical or fraternal twins who are currently attending or have attended in the past five years university. We would like to invite you to participate in this study, and we have set up this page to provide you with information about this study.

In order to participate in our study:

  • You should be a member of twin;
  • Both members of the twin should be currently studying OR have studied in the past five years in a university or a polytechnic in New Zealand
  • For our study to work, both members of the twin need to participate

If you decide to participate, please contact us (//we will insert a bookmark here that will take the reader to the form below//) either over email or by filling in the following form, or calling at the phone numbers we have provided in this publication in this page.

To participate, please read (//we will use a hyperlink and the page will also have a pdf link from where the participant information sheet and the consent forms can be downloaded //) (1) the participant information sheet, and (2) consent form for this research or you can download it, sign it and return us the consent form with your signature (you can attach the signed form in your email). After we receive the consent form from you, we will send you instructions to participate in this study (we will send you your unique code for this study, and questionnaires).

You can either fill in the questionnaires online or if you prefer, you can fill in the questionnaire using paper and pencil and send the filled in questionnaire back to us. Please indicate when we first contact you. We will cover the postage.

Please note that there is no risk to you at all in filling in the questionnaire or providing us the information. We will maintain your confidentiality and we will maintain as far as practical, your anonymity. We are not going to ask any personal information from you, and you can choose to remove yourself from the study at any point, and we understand that all information that you will provide us is voluntary. Rest assured that data will be anonymised and storeded securely for 10 years at the University of Canterbury. Our research is approved by the Human Ethics Committee of the University of Canterbury.

This study runs from September through end of December 2016.

If you are interested to take part in the study and feel that you meet all the selection criteria, please complete the form, or e-mail us, or call us. We will need your informed consent before we can obtain data from you. We are happy to answer any or all questions you may have before participation or considering participation. Please contact for more information, or please click on the form below, fill in, and send: