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Keep it Brief (2021)

An industry-focused virtual reality exhibition that aims to connect a new brand with the creative industry.

Role: UX Designer

Timeline: 12 Weeks

Keep it Brief Virtual Reality Exhibition

Over the years, Brunel Design School’s division of Digital Media held student-led degree show exhibitions with the aim to present projects and works from the creative students within the university. The projects would range from Digital Designs, VFX, and more.

The virtual exhibition via Virtual Reality (VR) started as an aid to a canceled physical degree show due to the pandemic. Keep it Brief was not the first-degree show to be exhibited online within the university.

The Mission

My mission as a UX Designer is to firstly understand the demographics and the users that will hop onto the exhibition. The ongoing mission is to then continuously bridge the design of the VR exhibition and coordinate it with the existing brand. The processes in these documentation adapted hybrid methodologies and collaboration to create an engaging virtual show.

The Brand & Values

Understanding the brand values are important as it sets the standard to what the UX of the show should deliver:

Task 1 — Creating main layout concepts

Task Card 2

The first task is to figure the visual concepts for the main exhibition room/hub. The best way to understand where to go from here is to look into the previous VR hubs and conduct a short UX study on them. From here, it sets a realistic standard as to what could’ve been improved in the environment.

Existing Hub’s UX Study — 1
Existing Hub’s UX Study — 2

After understanding the set standards, the core subject that is to avoid is the claustrophobic UX of VR.

Next is conceptualizing the possible layouts with the VR Team, I proposed [Spawn Space > Entrance Hallway > Main Room/Hub > Cohort Rooms > Student Rooms] as a flow.

Proposed Concept — Overall Layout
Proposed Concept — Entrance Hallway View
Proposed Concept — Degree Show Room (1)
Proposed Concept — Degree Show Room (2)

Task 2 — UX Map of the private rooms

Task Card 2

The next task is to focus on mapping the UX of the private and individual rooms. The layout for the private rooms should intrigue visitors to connect with the room owners (in this case, creative students).

Proposed Concept — Student / Private Rooms (Top View)
Proposed Concept — Student / Private Rooms (Other Views)
Proposed Concept — Student / Private Rooms (Front View)
Proposed Concept — Student / Private Rooms (Before Entry)

Task 3 — Hallway Cards

Task Card 3

The creation of hallway cards is to slowly introduce the users upon their arrival to the virtual exhibition. Users get to view the cards through the hallway after tey have passed the initial spawn point.

Iteration 1:

Hallway Concept 1
Hallway Concept 2
Hallway Concept 3
Hallway Concept 4

Iteration 2:

Hallway Concept 1 (Iteration 2)
Hallway Concept 2 (Iteration 2)
Hallway Concept 3 (Iteration 2)
Hallway Concept 4 (Iteration 2)

Task — Menu Guides

Creating Menu Guides is one of the very important features of a VR exhibition. As the exhibition will be on Mozilla Hubs, below are a few menu guides drafted and to be inserted into the spawn room.

Menu Guide Example 1
Menu Guide Example 1
Menu Guide Example 1
Menu Guide (Confirmed)

The Final Exhibition—

The assembly of the UX Concepts, designs, and multiple 3D iterations presented above have led to the final design of the exhibition after a collaborative effort with the VR Team that consists of UX, 3D Designers, and Engineers as well as back-to-back user feedbacks from the Brand Managers.

Spawn Room + Menu Guides
Spawn Room to Hallway Entrance
Hallway Entrance + Hallway Cards
Hallway Entrance to the Main Hub
Main Hub
Degree/Cohort Rooms — POV 1
Degree/Cohort Rooms — POV 2
Student/Private Rooms — Example 1 (1)
Student/Private Rooms — Example 1 (2)

View the virtual exhibition below and experience the Keep it Brief degree show (2021).

Thank you for reading.



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