Kylie Jenner on Youtube

Public Servant of The Day: Kylie Jenner’s 2016 Goals

Once upon a time I set a New Year’s resolution to always have good hair, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘man, there’s no way I’m going to top this.’

I’ve clearly been bested: in Kylie Jenner’s YouTube video from a couple of days ago, the social media powerhouse blandly declares, “I feel like this year… is the year of realising stuff, and everyone around me is realising things.”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Jenner’s ambitions — and a girl does look comfy in her oversized sweater — but all I’m saying is I’m impressed with Jenner’s ability to speak in quasi-political truisms that don’t actually translate into cogent thought. 2016 definitely feels conquerable now.

Stay on top, Ms. Jenner!