3 Top Reasons Why Publica Restructured Its ICO During Presale

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3 min readOct 25, 2017


  1. Not just one, but two! Bitcoin hard forks coincided exactly with the beginning and the end of our long-planned ICO. This made things difficult for our ICO supporters so we rescheduled slightly to accommodate them. This gave us a breather to talk to them, reflect on recent blockchain and ICO news reports, and review technical and business developments in the general blockchain space.
  2. In The News:
  • Ethereum and DAPPs rapid and recently-begun development projects enable a smaller ICO cap structure for Publica. Meaning, less work we have to do ourselves!
  • ICO bans around the world reduced Publica’s need to accommodate as many first-stage supporters in our ICO.
  • Blockchain and ICO regulators started emerging, in their infancy stages, making larger ICO caps risky for first-stage supporters.

3. Our early-stage supporters came up with great ideas.

  • 21.co community had so many great comments that we shared a few of them on our ICO landing page. Some were technical, some came from authors and readers, some came from other companies and ICO experts, and some were compliments on a great idea.
  • Redefine the ICO cap as small-medium-large, and shrink it down to the minimum necessary.
  • We don’t have to plan on doing as much ourselves anymore. There are so many blockchain projects and companies doing great work in legal frameworks for smart contracts, ICO automation, file systems and distribution, etc. There are so many businesses and freelancers who are already in the blockchain revolution that we can partner with all over the world. We can stick to our key inventions, the READ and RIGHTS Tokens.

We put our thinking caps on and responded with:

  • A Soft Cap budgeted to the minimum viable product (MVP): Publica Platform for Book ICOs, smart contracts for READ Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the Publica PBL Exchange, and ereader app/wallets in app stores.
  • A Milestone target budgeted to the technical roadmap up to RIGHTS Tokens, and putting Publica’s Inaugural Set Of Books into open marketplaces and SEO.
  • A Hard Cap budgeted to the Platform’s more advanced ecommerce features for the independent self-publishing ecosystem, plus expenses to put the Platform in the public eye with a global roadshow for the book industry.

We can raise growth capital later without minting any new PBL Tokens. This is good news for our early supporters!

So we carefully redesigned Publica.io to focus on the basic message:

Gutenberg’s Press Reinvented For The Blockchain Evolution.

Smart Contracts / READ Tokens / RIGHTS Tokens / PBL Tokens / Book ICOs

Readers own ebooks as property / Authors get paid immediately

Transparent / Decentralized / Realizing Ethereum’s Promise

Check it out now at http://Publica.io and talk to us on your favorite social media.

We’re going to focus our attention now to our early supporters who have signed up for the ICO Presale, in newsletters.

Thanks for your support!

The Publica Team




Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy.