A Billion Stores, A Common Linkage?

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3 min readDec 7, 2017


People buy books from a lot of online stores around the world, and a lot of offline (paper) bookstores. Google knows about most of them. Some on maps, some on websites, some on both.

Does she sell ebooks too? If not, why not? If you don’t know, ask me. She should sell ebooks too. She knows a lot about books. Who and what are stopping her? Photo by Pj Accetturo on Unsplash

I don’t know exactly how many they are in a global total, so let’s say a million. Publica has an idea how to make that a billion with a B. What might link them in common? And don’t you think Google will notice the common linkage?

Take a lesson from TED. You might watch a TED talk for free at some point in its long-tail lifetime, but the people in the room paid to be there.

You might read a Publica book for free at some point in its long-tail lifetime, but its community paid to be there.

Most of the world’s books aren’t for sale on the famous sites. Geographical license restrictions, credit card limitations, etc., make it difficult for them. Publica doesn’t have those restrictions, we have simple READ Tokens instead. That’s our superpower.

There won’t be a billion bookstores soon either. So how can Publica even think about a billion stores with a common linkage?

There could be a billion if every online and bricks-and-mortar business can sell ebooks too. For any national currency or cryptocurrency. Publica aims to make that easy.

Spark your imagination:

Couldn’t every YouTuber, blogger, and podcaster sell ebooks? By the writers they interview? Plus more books they find relevant to their viewers and listeners?

Photo by Pj Accetturo on Unsplash

Couldn’t every public event sell ebooks by their star attractions? On their website right next to tickets?

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

Couldn’t every restaurant and hotel sell their own ebooks? They give online tips about cooking, shopping, food, tourism, and hospitality in general. Why not assemble them into a book that you can add to your bill next time you dine or stay there? When you’re away, why not keep you engaged with a luxurious ebook you can leave as a gift to the people you’re visiting?

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

Couldn’t every kind of store sell ebooks? Relevant to their shoppers and whatever they sell there?

Photo by Pj Accetturo on Unsplash

Couldn’t every school or university buy at bulk prices? And rent or lend ebooks to students for the duration of their classes?

Photo by Sebas Ribas on Unsplash

I’ve got a galaxy of ideas in my imagination but I’d like to hear yours, please Tell Your Story too. It’s fun!

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