Are books over?

Shorter attention spans — the future of the Internet is video — TL;DR — the world’s information organized by Google and Wikipedia — are books over?

Things to do instead of books.

Shorter attention spans would need to explain the long conversations you have with your dearest friends.

The Internet’s video future would need to explain what you do in a quiet place where you can hear your own thoughts.

TL;DR would need to explain why a co-founder of Twitter started

Google and Wikipedia would need to explain all the book citations they collect so diligently.

Experiment for yourself. You have some books. Try and throw them all away. Right this minute, we’ll wait.

Don’t worry. You can’t really delete ebooks.

What’s stopping you?

P.S. It hurt me just to write this post. Contemplating an end of books, even in jest, makes me shudder. Welcome back, friends. (I meant you, not the books, I knew you wouldn’t end them.)

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