“Around the World” — Campaign

¡Hola Publicans!

We hope you’re enjoying the experience of being able to test our alpha iOS e-reader app. After receiving feedback from Publicans in the community who have had the opportunity to test our Alpha, we had an idea to launch what we think will be a very exciting campaign!

The first book ever was sent on the blockchain!

You already know that Publicans are able, for the first time in history, to send books on the blockchain — and purchase them too — but what fascinates us most is the globalized nature of blockchain technology. The total history of transfers (transactions) are in the code, on the blockchain, and thus, everyone can see and follow the transactions history of each token and its owner. It means that we can track and monitor the whole journey of one specific token. In our case, a book (READ-)token.

Following the trend

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After we had released the alpha version of our iOS e-reader app, our faithful community members and testing volunteers started to send each other books — for free, & just for fun. The first book ever sent on the blockchain was Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 days”. A coincidence? We think not… That’s fate! If the universe gives us a path, a hint, a direction, we would be amiss to ignore it! We take this challenge and ask you all to join our journey — the journey of the first book ever sent on the blockchain.

How to participate?

To participate in the campaign join our Telegram group for alpha testers and fill this form in order to stand in the line. You can follow the whole journey here. When it’s Your turn You will become the Book Token that You should send to the next Publican in the line. If You don’t have our iOS alpha version follow this instruction to sign up for testing. That’s all!

Let’s enjoy the ride together! On the blockchain!! For the first time EVER!!!

The map of our journey

source: ethfinex

At the end — the campaign will last 80 days — we will track down all transactions and countries that our book would have “visited”. With this information we will make a journey map of Verne’s book to show the world just how the distributed network works, and the decentralized and globalized nature of blockchain as a whole. Distribution of goods, power and resources is what the blockchain revolution is all about. Books are one of the most valuable resources that humanity has. Let us share it around the world!

Unchain the world trough the blockchain and distribution! With Books. On Publica’s e-reader app. On Publica’s platform.

source: unsplash

P.S. All participants will be rewarded after the campaign. So, don’t forget to write down Your telegram name.

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