Blockchains create opportunities for multi-sided markets.
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2 min readAug 10, 2017


Arne Krokan is one of Publica’s academic advisors and he helped us understand the depths of multi-sided markets like publishing. This excerpt sums it up nicely and you can see it acted out in our explainer video at

“Today’s publishing houses are built on the foundations of Gutenberg’s ancient invention. With the actual printing process at the center of the value chains, publishers have created an industry where they control most of the elements, from the draft of the manuscript to the book being sold.

In this system, the ones who do the greatest job, the authors, are left with the smallest piece of the pie, something which may be changed by new technology.

Blockchains create opportunities for orchestrating multi-sided markets where publishers’ tasks are partly automated and partly taken over by the gig economy.

Publica is a disruptive service that creates a whole new ecosystem that mixes elements from different media and creates a new infrastructure for all types of media. Publica allows us to publish globally, whether we make learning materials, novels, movies or other media expressions.

This is truly a disruptive technology that will change how traditional publishers work in the future.”

Arne Krokan is a Professor of Technology, Communication, Organization and Management at the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU Norway. Sought-after keynote speaker, government advisor, and author of several books on social economics and digital marketing. Also, reads books.

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Blockchain revolution for the publishing economy.