Forbes explained us better than I did.

Today, Jia Wertz at Forbes explained Publica better than I’ve ever done. Her article reminded me that authors are brands. Brands do better when they build an authentic connection with consumers.

The rest of this post is what I wrote, so you can compare. In a strange twist of fate that you can’t make up yourself, my post was already scheduled to publish tomorrow and I don’t know Jia Wertz. The only edit I made was these two paragraphs and the title.

Publica Book Sales aren’t about money?

Well, to the author they are. But to everyone else they’re about curiosity, fun, book-talk, and a little commerce on the side.

They’re a virtuous cycle with positive externalities. The author builds their audience in the book token sale process. Learns what they think in a curious, cooperative way, not reviews, not criticism. Help from people who care.

People get excited about community.

Participants bring in more participants, building the community further. They can buy in bulk if they want— consider libraries, bookstores, institutions, universities, schools, patrons. They’re communities too, and they bring in more participants.

Yes, libraries. They know a good book when they see one, and they know a thing or two about community.

By the time the community builds, the book can have remarkable first-release numbers. Those numbers represent market numbers far better than “likes.” Use them when it comes time to publish on traditional publishing sites.

Why? Because this community voted with their wallets and that means a lot more than free clicks. We all know about the robots who click.

But here’s the best reason to join a book token sale. They’re a great way to spend your time. Clay Shirky explains that in his popular TED Talk.

Bring your friends and make new ones. It’s a bit like online games except you win more than friends, you get a book to remember them by in the bargain. That’s a memory for a lifetime.

If you like games and videos, then make them better. Join a book token sale’s community because books become movies and games. That’s what Publica’s RIGHTS Tokens will be for.

The fun never ends. Books are an infinite game that gets better the longer you play.

Publica is developing the author’s journey right now. If you’re an author or just want to keep an eye on the latest developments, click here.