How We Designed The Authors Journey (UX)

Last week we had a two-day workshop with Sukhi Jutla, a self-publishing author and member of The Alliance of Independent Authors, and worked on pages tailored for authors!

Sukhi Jutla holding her book “Escape The Cubicle” and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Sukhi’s goal is a six-figure income from her independently self-published books. That’s our goal for her too. She’ll run her own book ICO and publish on the Publica platform.

Publica reached out to the Alliance because we’re a partner member, and Sukhi volunteered. Together we discussed the top two things that independent self-publishing authors care the most about:

Discoverability (how does a reader find my book?)
Revenue potential (how do I make money out of this?)

Sukhi believes that blockhains can empower her author business and help her to create her own author-centric financial business model.

“Publica’s platform leverages blockchain technology to make it easier
for self-publishing authors to raise funds for their books, find new readers, and get their book discovered.

I’m going to reach new readers who I haven’t reached before. Self-publishing authors can think of it as a new distribution channel, one that helps you with your other channels. The community engagement shows that your community is voting with their wallets.”

On the whiteboard you can see snippets of us going through the entire author’s journey on the platform, from registration through pre-orders to perennial sales. Our designers are making that vision a reality right now and you’ll see it soon.

In the picture: Local Publicans Jan-Petter and Pancho (white shirts), Sukhi, CEO Josef, PM Viesturs, CTO Yuri, SMM Aleks, and COO Antons.