Marketing team roles and responsibilities

Publica is a project native to blockchain and crypto community and at the same time, it benefits by targeting a specific multi-billion industry of publishing and self-publishing in particular.

What does it mean for our team composition and direction of our efforts?

The following activity streams are recognised in general and all of them need to be mirrored in Marketing & Communication.

STREAM A — CRYPTO COMMUNITY (1 full time position)


  • everybody present in blockchain and crypto area should know Publica and its story of disrupting the publishing
  • create long media tail of interviews, publications, announcements, conference speech videos
  • facilitate interest and understanding of PBL token — Publica currency

Areas of focus

  • reach out to media specific to blockchain and crypto markets both worldwide and regional — schedule interviews, distribute press-releases on platform progress
  • set up communication and follow up with influencers — this time Publica is not asking your endorsement for an ICO, we are “post-ICO” want to showcase how blockchain disrupts publishing
  • find and sign up for AMA and video interviews with video bloggers having substantial reach
  • sign up for major blockchain events and introduce Publica founders as keynote speakers sharing experience in how blockchain can disrupt publishing, tokenisation of books and ICO/post-ICO story
  • exchanges — the responsibility of this person will be also reaching out to credible exchanges and facilitate Publica PBL token listing there

STREAM B — AUTHORS, SELF-PUBLISH AUTHORS, EXISTING PLAYERS (1 full time position joined by Josef Marc, CEO for personal outreach)


  • have a “click” with the authors, they start promoting their next book with Publica and set up their community-building efforts that eventually transform to crowdfunding via PBL and READ tokens
  • likewise, to token holder community we have in Telegram now, the goal is to create similar community, but of authors to hear their feedback and wishes, validate our assumptions and have them steer us in the direction most beneficial for them and their readers
  • total awareness building, all active self-publishing authors have to know about Publica as their next option within 6–12 months
  • bring from 1 to 3 bestselling authors during 2018!

Areas of focus

  • Social networks catering to readers and authors
  • Facebook groups for self-publishing authors
  • Engage with online guides on “How authors can earn with Amazon”, make them use their contacts to teach how to earn with Publica
  • Self-publishing influencers, let them know the new works Publica is bringing to the authors and provoke discussion
  • Continue with signing up to events and conferences important to authors, be keynote speaker explaining the transformation and inviting to take part immediately
  • Established, bestselling authors personal reach out, networking

STREAM C — TECHNOLOGY PR(1 full time position supervised by founder Antons Sapriko)


  • excite the community with fast progress, solutions and quality
  • mirror the development and design progress with a story reflecting people and the process

Areas of focus

  • team video intro
  • weekly summaries
  • participation in the blockchain/crypto conferences as part of tech track

STREAM D — LEGAL (founder Antons Sapriko is responsible)


  • comfortable, clear, complete terms and conditions for authors and readers

Areas of focus

  • doing anything on blockchain is not perfectly regulated, we have to find the appropriate legal framework and produce terms and conditions to let authors safely publish their work and readers own hat they have paid for
  • being one of the first among hundreds of ICOs addressing the issue, we should share this know-how on relevant conferences, blogs and interviews

STREAM E — ANNOUNCEMENTS / CHANNELS / MARTECH — SUPPORT ROLE (1 full time position, assisted by CRO department of Scandiweb)


  • make good news about Publica happened somewhere be available everywhere!
  • increase the conversion rate of people visiting Publica resources to sign-ups and new authors joining
  • re-engage visitors to come back — retargeting banners

Areas of focus

  • pool the announcements from all the streams, store them and publish on the website
  • reproduce, cross-post the announcements on all related social media, blogs and channels to multiply the outreach
  • reproduce and cross-post any media mentions, articles, conference proceedings about Publica
  • monitor the feedback and reactions from the community
  • set up GTM, heat maps, scroll maps, click-map and make an eye-tracking study
  • set up retargeting campaigns

See more major stuff to bring into Marketing, Communication and PR? Shoot us your opinion at we always all ears, when it comes to suggestions of our community!

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