Publica AMA Session #1
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3 min readDec 28, 2017


Our first AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session was held on December 27 and was streamed live on Youtube. Publica CEO Josef Marc and COO Antons Sapriko answered questions submitted by community members.

Here is a breakdown of Publica live AMA:

Question about the project

1:05 — What is Publica — why and what…
2:25 — What is book ICO?
8:10 — Will authors only get their PBL token (from readers) once they upload the book Since that would help protect readers from authors “running away” and not uploading the book?
11:00 — What happens if someone else other than the author posts a book? Couldn’t anyone upload a book as their work when it wasn’t theirs?
11:42 — Why Publica needs blockchain?
18:40 — Why you have two types of tokens PBL and READ?
20:39 — Does a reader have to go to an exchange and learn how to buy cryptocurrency?
29:41 — How Publica idea was discovered?
35:31 — Partnership with

Operational questions

39:52 — How can I buy Publica coins?
40:20 — How funds are being utilized?
42:10 — Now the $1M is $2M, what Publica will do with excess funding?

Solution-related questions

46:12 — On integration into existing wallets
47:52 — What do you have in mind concerning formats? Will this be ePub or pdf that can be uploaded (e.g. the sample chapters)?
53:09 — Is Publica (and the PBL token) based upon the Ethereum blockchain and protocol?
53:09 — How do you plan to solve scalability problem? No one is going to wait for hours and pay crazy commission to buy the book. Will you rely on Ethereum Project (and Vitalik) help or you have your own vision?
56:34 — Will you develop a wallet?
58:27 — In the PoC video you showed how to release the whole book. But would there be a method of releasing chapters of the book? Separately without going through the whole process with ICO and Read tokens for each chapter?
1:01:23 — Will customers be able to buy PBL directly from the platform using debit cards?
1:03:49 — Why would authors need a KYC?
1:05:44 — What other media except books would Publica platform support? Only text-based or there are plans for pictures, video and music?
1:07:20 — What’s Publica plans for near future? Stick to the roadmap or rework it and set new milestones?
1:13:00 — Would Publica work for e-comics?
1:14:47 — Are you planning to publish a list of Publica authors sorted by genre?
1:18:47 — Can someone explain to me how the user side of Pubilca is going to work? I’m curious especially about user experience and integration with existing e-reader standards and products.

Questions about marketing and upcoming events

1:24:08 — Are there any upcoming events?
1:29:28 — Are Publica going to start advertising more aggressively or are they waiting for the actual platform?
1:31:15 — How do you plan to bring big authors on Publica platform? Why would they join you?
1:32:18 — Are there plans to get captions uploaded in Korean/Japanese/Mandarin to open up to those markets?
1:34:37 — Are you guys serious about this project? If yes why I don’t see any marketing, how are funds being utilized?
1:38:48 — Why don’t you guys offer accounts for stores? Instead of going after authors individually. You could sign partnerships with library chains and offer them to sell their books to the crypto community in pdf or wtv format.
1:44:27 — Would be great to talk with developers, will there be AMA with the developer team?
1:45:19 — Will more PBL be created?
1:45:41 — How to get your tokens for free?

Questions asked in the live chat

1:47:36 — How many people from Scandiweb are working on this project? 1:51:32 — When do you estimate that authors will be able to launch their book ICOs?
1:57:20 — What if an author will bring a backlog of existing books?

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