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Publica and Norway

Publica’s CEO Josef Marc managed the CBS 1994 Winter Olympics broadcast center in Lillehammer Norway, and fell in love. With Lillehammer, but also with Bodil, his future wife.

23 years later, in the same week as Publica’s ICO, UNESCO named Lillehammer a World Heritage Site for Literature. A fitting place for Publica’s headquarters, convenient since Josef lives there.

Publica’s first advisor is a Norwegian author. Arne Krokan is a renowned professor at Norwegian universities. He’s published 18 books on social economics and digital marketing. His subject matter expertise helped Publica greatly in editing our first white paper.

During Publica’s ICO, professor Krokan introduced us to a Norwegian startup that’s a remarkably compatible partner. is building an “author’s journey” website. Their goal is to guide independent authors every step of the way, from idea, editing and design, to production, marketing and distribution.

In every author’s journey comes the question of funding, and making a high quality book by collaborating with editors, illustrators, and subject matter experts. is a community-building site, perfect for Publica’s process of Book ICO’s where a community can come together. At that point in the author’s journey, Boldbooks will cross-link with

Publica’s reach extends from, a Spanish-language Publica partner in Buenos Aires Argentina, to Lillehammer Norway, pole to pole. That’s one of the promises of the blockchain revolution, bringing people together in commerce and community across all borders.

We are Publica. Tell your story.



Publica is an evolutionary publishing platform using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to innovate in how books are funded, distributed, bought, and read. Visit

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