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Publica at FutureBook Conference

It’s time to bring the blockchain revolution into the eye of the general public. Publica’s mission is to put an ereader on every app store, but with one very important innovation — The ereader is also a digital wallet.

Ebook readers won’t necessarily know it’s also wallet for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and their local currency. They’ll just buy and read their books. But they’ll soon discover the benefits of a wallet that holds the keys to their ebooks. Ebooks that they own, not license from a walled garden.

Publica’s READ tokens mean that their ebooks are their property, not on temporary license from a walled-garden publisher, readable only under a restrictive license that nobody reads when they click “Accept Terms & Conditions.” At Publica, “Buy now” actually means you own the ebook you buy. Give it to a loved one, lend it to a friend, sell it when you want to, on your own terms.

This is big news for the publishing industry and its news media. Publica thought long and hard about where to announce its project, and chose the FutureBook Conference. The choice was easy, considering the conference’s mission. CEO Josef Marc will be there to answer questions.

For fans of Ethereum and Bitcoin, this is the blockchain revolution in action. Coming right out into the public eye where least expected — ereader apps that almost everyone in the world already knows how to use.

Check out to learn more about what Publica is calling “Gutenberg’s Press Reinvented For The Blockchain.” Publica’s ICO is already started so don’t delay — the ICO ends on the same day as the FutureBook Conference.



Publica is an evolutionary publishing platform using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to innovate in how books are funded, distributed, bought, and read. Visit

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