Publica e-reader app iOS release

The e-reader app has gained it's fair share of popularity on the Android devices in our community allowing users to buy, send and read books on the blockchain.

We of course never forgot about our equally dear iOS users that have been waiting patiently to get their hands on it and have been plenty vocal about it.

With all of this in mind — we are glad to finally announce the the e-reader app is available on the iOS store!

Get it HERE!

Book purchasing

There are a few differences that we should note.

There is no option to buy books on the iOS app for now. This has to do with the App Stores policy on in-app purchases. While we try to figure out how to solve this issue in the most convenient way possible, there is a workaround that we have gotten ready for our users.

Publica Web store

In tandem with these we have just Launched our web-store that you can find at The workaround is that you simply buy the books on your web-browser and you will immediately see them on any other device that has the Publica e-reader app, including iOS devices!

It also highlights the benefit of leveraging blockchain technologies — no additional synchronising, sending for the books. Once you have a token in your wallet — the book is yours. Everywhere.

Read more here:

As always we thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the improved experience that comes with both the iOS addition and the web-shop.

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