Publica Introduces Its Proof Of Concept

Publica platform development step 1 — Proof-of-concept overview

This video will provide insight into the author’s and reader’s journeys.

Publica platform development step 1 — Proof-of-concept overview

Viesturs, the product owner at Publica, demonstrates the author’s registration process on the Publica platform, introduces the Author’s Dashboard, explains the creation of a new book promo page, campaign activation, starting of crowdfunding (“Book ICO” campaign), and publishing a book.

In this Proof of Concept we also start the reader’s journey by demonstrating their registration process, making a contribution (paying for a book’s READ tokens in PBL), and accessing the book as a rightful READ token holder.

Also, in the coming days, we will be releasing the source code for this Proof of Concept, together with the documentation for it.

What is the meaning of proof of concept? It is an opportunity to do something big at much smaller scale, just within 2–4 weeks, it gives you a chance to “touch” all the integral components of the platform and identify issues, challenges and risks early. This knowledge gives a more solid ground of planning and execution of the MVP.

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