Publica is launching a PBL token giveaway campaign.
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3 min readDec 22, 2017


Follow our Twitter and Telegram to be updated and have a chance to win Publica tokens from December 24 until January 10.

In order to participate in the competition you must follow these rules:

  • You must follow our Twitter account.
  • You must be a member or join Publica Telegram group.
  • You must own at least 100 PBL tokens between December 24 and January 10. PBL tokens must be stored in your own wallet (exchange wallets are not eligible).

Phase 4

December 30 — January 10

#PBLgiveaway Twitter campaign Phase 4. December 30 — January 10

Update: Publica Giveaway Competition Phase 4 is rescheduled! The fourth and final round will be active from December 30 till January 10.

Spread the word about Publica. We are giving you creative freedom — you can make a video, podcast, publish an article, or write a post. Our team will nominate 10 best posts about Publica and Telegram community will vote for 5 winners who will receive 2500 tokens. The more effort you put, the more likely you will get nominated.

Share your work on Twitter, tag PublicaIO and include hashtags #Publica & #PBLgiveaway so we could identify your tweet.


Example of a tweet


Phase 3

December 28 — December 29

Create a post about Publica on Facebook/Bitcointalk/Reddit/ and share it on Twitter. Include hashtag Include hashtags #PBLgiveaway & #Publica so we could identify your tweet. 10 randomly picked participants will be awarded with 1000 PBL tokens each, however, Publica Team will reward only authors of qualitative posts*.

#PBLgiveaway Twitter campaign Phase 3. December 28 — December 29


Phase 2

December 26 — December 27

Post a tweet and explain why Publica is a special project. Include hashtags #Publica #PBL #blockchain and tag PublicaIO. 10 randomly picked participants will win 1000 PBL*.

#PBLgiveaway Twitter campaign Phase 2. December 26 — December 27

Phase 2 winners:

Phase 1

December 24 — December 25

Retweet our post in Twitter and join Publica Telegram group. We will choose 5 random retweeters, as well as 5 randomly picked Publica Telegram group members who will win 1000 PBL tokens each.

#PBLgiveaway Twitter campaign Phase 1. December 24 — December 25

Phase 1 winners:


Participants can participate only once per phase. Duplicate posts are not allowed.

Random winners will be chosen by a randomize function.

Each phase will start after official announcement in Twitter and end on the corresponding day at 23:59 PM (UTC+02:00).

*The Team has rights to replace the winner with another randomly picked participant in case we will identify cheating attempts, duplicate posts, posts not relevant to Publica, posts containing unacceptable language content or any other odd behavior.



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