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2 min readJan 1, 2018


Many people predicted that 2018 will be remembered as the year when blockchains entered mainstream life, beyond the domain of intrepid adventurers.

Books and community engagement are as mainstream — and global — as you can get. If that prediction holds true, then Publica has a busy year ahead!

As CEO, my contribution means getting out there. Talking to authors, agents, marketers, partners, institutions, publishers, writers’ organizations like the Alliance Of Independent Authors, etc.

Publica’s world tour 2018 will be an adventure. The Publica platform will mature, authors and readers and organizations will become familiar with it, and blockchains in general will evolve in the media landscape. We’ll blog and podcast from the road, keeping you informed of what will be an amazing year.

Writers conferences and other events on Publica’s World Tour 2018. See you there!

We’ll add more as we can fit them in. [Updated March 29.]

San Francisco CA, writers conference

London, exclusive writers conference

Tampa FL, Assoc. Of Writers & Writing Programs

Austin TX, Independent Book Publishers Association April 5–7

London Book Fair and the ALLi Self-publishing Advice Conference (SPACON) April 9–14

Amsterdam, Chainges May 4–5

New York, Consensus May 14–16

Lillehammer Norway, UNESCO World Heritage Site For Literature, World Literature Festival May 29 — June 3

Seoul Korea, Int’l Book Fair June 20–24

Hong Kong, Int’l Book Fair TBA

New York, Writers Digest Aug 9–12

Beijing China, International Book Fair TBA

Tokyo Japan, International Book Fair TBA

Nashville, Digital Book World Oct 2–4

Frankfurt Book Fair Oct 10–14

Ann Arbor MI, Publishing Disrupt by Center for Book Publishing Oct 19–20

Denver CO, EDUCAUSE Oct 30-Nov 2

Singapore, Writers Festival TBA

London, FutureBook, the anniversary of the event where we announced Publica to authors and the publishing industry for the first time on December 1, 2017

Singapore, BookFest TBA



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