Publica’s ICO Reacts To Two Bitcoin Forks

Publica will reschedule its ICO in light of the announcements of the two upcoming Bitcoin forks. Publica’s large-scale contributors and community are supporting the plan. The new dates are:

Pre-sale whitelist is open now and continues through October 31.

Crowdsale opens on November 1 and continues through December 1.

“This is good news for the Publica community and ICO buyers,” said Publica’s CEO Josef Marc. “When we launched the Publica project we didn’t suspect that a Bitcoin fork would be scheduled for the same day as our PBL token crowdsale. It’s no problem, we’ll simply extend our pre-sale whitelist period until after the Bitcoin Gold fork, and reschedule our crowdsale end date until after the Bitcoin Segwit fork expected in mid-November.”

Marc continued, “We understand that today might not be the best day for many people to trade their Bitcoin or Ether. We’re happy we can accommodate our community needs. We’re reaching out now to our pre-sale subscribers, ambassadors, forums, ICO listings and trackers. We’ll update our website tonight. We’ll spend the extra two weeks answering questions and continuing our work on the Publica platform — Gutenberg’s Press for the blockchain era, as some of our supporters are now calling it. And we’ll keep our eyes on the news too.”

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