Publica's list of current running Book ICOs

Here you can find the current list of ICOs that are currently launched and active.

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What is a Book ICO?

For those who are new to Publica we will begin with the basics.

A Book ICO is the blockchain crowdfunding practice for books, where primarily the supporters of an author can fund one of his upcoming books and in return get guaranteed access to the book at a significantly lower price when it releases.

That is the core principle of the Book ICO, but the authors can get even more creative with the concept by releasing a special edition of the book or offering other goodies in addition to the lower price.

How can I participate?

We've already created a handy tutorial on how to participate in a Book ICO and you can find it here:

And just in case you are struggling with anything else like creating your cryptocurrency wallet, buying PBL or wondering how to create your own Book ICO, please visit our Tutorial Section.

You should have everything that you need now to get going and show your support for other Book ICOs. We will update the list as new Book ICOs appear so keep coming back regularly and checking!

Current running Book ICOs:

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