Radio, TV, Books are mainstream. Crypto is fringe?

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2 min readDec 15, 2017


I mostly read books. Driving, I listen to public radio. Cooking, I let sports TV keep me company.

I’m never surprised to hear radio and TV talk about books. I love books, they’re mainstream media too. Talk about crypto-anything would surprise.

Crypto’s way too fringe for my casual attention to mainstream media, right?

Last night I joined a large dinner party. As I approached the table I asked Hey, anybody listen to public radio driving here? People said “Yeah, that panel about Bitcoin. One of them kept on about Ethereum. And look over there (in a Florida sports bar, TVs on the walls), CNN has that crypto guy on again.”

We ranged over many topics in the course of the night, but crypto kept returning.

My friends know I love books. They read books too, and we usually talk about books. Yet we talked about crypto more than books. With that “crypto guy” behind us, on silent CNN, again.

So what’s mainstream now?

Driving away, I left the radio silent. I like crypto, a lot, but I’d had enough for one night. There was a good book waiting for me at home.

I knew there’d be plenty of crypto on mainstream media tomorrow. And anyway, crypto’s part of my job now. As mainstream as it can get.

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Publica just demonstrated its proof of concept.

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P.S. I used to work in TV. Before that, books, self-publishing, and music. Before that, radio. Now, books+crypto. It’s all mainstream media and publishing to me, but I really like books.



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