PubHub Submission Guide

Please follow these guidelines when writing for the Publication Creators Hub

Image purchased from Shutterstock by the author

Follow all of Medium’s rules

PubHub publishes articles that adhere to Medium’s rules. Here are links to some of these rules:

More about adding an image

Medium does not want to be sued for violating copyrights. We at PubHub would like to avoid copyright issues entirely by using images from a free-image site such as Unsplash, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, social media, or YouTube.

For the image caption, follow these examples:

  • Photo by Adam Stefanca on Unsplash (automatically inserted)
  • Image by Kevin Schmid from Pixabay (copied when downloaded)
  • Caricature of Marjorie Taylor Green by Donkey Hotey on Flickr (information about the image added when needed)
  • Image by author

What about article length at PubHub?

As short as you can make an article while covering essential information is as long as your article should be. If your article is more than a four-minute read, use Medium’s section separator or subheads to make skimming for needed information easier.

What about tags?

Use one of the tags in the PubHub navigation menu — “Creating a Publication,” “Editing a Publication,” “Engaging Readers,” or “Attracting Writers” to place your article in that menu as well as among the recent articles on the main page. Do not use more than one of these. Then, add up to four more tags of your choosing.

If you want to communicate with a PubHub editor about your article

Leave a private note that begins with “Note to the editor.”)

If you’ve not yet been added as a writer to PubHub, go to the article “Writing for PubHub.”



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