Calling All Introverts!

We have always been told to speak up more, make more friends, be a team player. Basically, we introverts have always been told not to be ourselves. It’s time to change that.

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Here are some books to help you recognise and harness your quiet strengths.

To understand the strength of being introverted, read Quiet by Susan Cain.

Crown Publishers, 2012

Introverts have always been misunderstood, especially by ourselves. Being introverted doesn’t automatically make us shy or unsociable, we simply get energised from being alone. It is incredibly liberating to read what exactly introversion is, even down to how our brains are wired.

With proof and examples of how introverts are often more creative, more innovative and better at leading than extroverts, this book will change how you see yourself and live your life.

Get the book here: Physical Copy, Audiobook

For tips on how to manage your life as an introvert, read The Irresistible Introvert by Michaela Chung.

Skyhorse Publishing, 2016

As introverts, we have special traits like being good listeners, thinking before we speak or being natural worriers… Great. What now?

While Susan Cain’s book is thought-provoking, Michaela Chung’s is useful. In this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the inner game of intrigue
  • Manage your energy for optimal engagement
  • Create an emotional ecosystem for charisma
  • Establish introverted intimacy
  • Cultivate communication skills for quiet types

By the end of it, you’ll get a better grasp of how to harness your strengths and live a more authentic and compelling life.

Get the book here: Physical Copy, eBook

To own your introversion and excel at work, read Quiet Influence by Jennifer B Kahnweiler.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2013

Brainstorming. Networking. Relationships with coworkers. And worst of all, communal work spaces (where did all the cubicle walls go?). Fear not, introverts. There are ways to navigate the workplace with quiet finesse.

Kahnweiler’s book identifies six work-related strengths of introverts: taking quiet time, preparation, writing, engaged listening, focused conversation, and thoughtful use of social media. The book will help you measure how well you’re using these strengths, and then, through exercises and powerful examples, help you increase your mastery of them.

Get the book here: Physical Copy, eBook, Audiobook

Good luck on your quiet journey!


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