Local Books for When You Can’t Deal

‘I can’t even.’

‘I can’t deal.’

If you’ve uttered these phrases in the first few days of 2020, you’ve probably been busy taking on more school or work responsibilities over the holidays. Or, on the other end of the spectrum — you’ve partied too hard.

Fallen comrades, you will not be judged. Here to share in your miseries are short reads that feel your mood.

1. For the FOMO Mood

Regrettable Things That Happened Yesterday by Jennani Durai

Epigram Books, 2017

Get the book here: Physical Copy

If you regret not taking leave sooner or you missed out on an event, what better way to nurse your FOMO feelings with stories of other people regretting things? Afterall, misery loves company.

In this book of short stories with refreshing scenarios, Jennani Durai uses the newspaper as the main object that sets a regrettable chain of events into motion. Soon, you’ll find yourself forgetting your FOMO by trying to find out how the newspaper plays its part in these stories.

2. For the Sian Mood

Epigram Books, 2018

Get the book here: Physical Copy, eBook

After a long day out, coming home means a time of rest and relaxation. But it also means that these are your precious few hours before you restart the cycle again.

If the never ending cycle of ‘eat, sleep, repeat’ has made you ponder on ‘why life is so sian’ and ‘when you can finally consider “home” a home’, Inez Tan’s endearing characters will help you through your thought process. Even an oyster has a thing or two to say!

3. For the Hangry Mood

Marriage and Mutton Curry by M. Shanmughalingam

Epigram Books, 2018

Get the book here: Physical Copy, eBook

Of course, you won’t feel full looking at this cover. But quick, grab some curry and hunker down because you’re in for a treat.

Marriage and Mutton Curry transports you back to experience the past — British colonial times, Japanese occupation and right after Independence — and gives a glimpse into the traditions of the Jaffna Tamil community where delicious delicacies are aplenty. 😋

If you’re angry over not being able to try these delicacies, the humorous situations the characters find themselves in may just be the answer to tickle your funny bone.


Which ‘can’t deal’ mood are you feeling now? Let us know if there are more moods we’ve missed out!


All books featured are available via the NLB Mobile app or at our public libraries.


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