Signs That You’re Well Read

Not sure if you’re well-read?

Well… one way is to go through a checklist of books you have to read to earn that title. But, there’s already enough articles on the internet about this.

Instead, here’s a checklist of things you might have experienced if you’re well-read.

You read widely

You don’t believe in limiting yourself to a single genre. Your reading appetite is so large, you’ll devour any genre of books as long as it tickles your fancy. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a book. An online article. A long Facebook post. A shampoo label. ANYTHING WOULD SUFFICE.

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You get disappointed when you can’t find a new book in any “Top 10 MUST-READ books” lists

How hard is it to find a book you’ve yet to read? Very. Your voracious hunger for books has left you starved of a new adventure, so much so that when someone mentions there’s a new book they like to share with you, your ears perk up like an excited corgi.

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Your answer to a ‘How did you know that?’ is a book title

It doesn’t matter if it’s the basics of an obscure skill like blacksmithing or nuggets of information on topics like economics, people often wonder where you learnt it from. They start to wonder if your school had an amazing curriculum or maybe your parents quizzed you when you were young. But little did they know, your plethora of random facts and skills comes from your broad reading list!

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You have a book quote for every situation

If your friend asks how to know if they’re ready to love someone else, you reply with a line from Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass — “Love only yourself a little bit longer, until you can’t stand not to love someone else”.

If somebody tells you they’re afraid, you use a line from George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones — “That is the only time a man can be brave”.

You get the idea.

You can read anywhere

And we mean ANYWHERE. On the train, in the house, heck you’ve even read in the toilet before. As long as there’s enough space for you to pull up a book or ebook, you read. P.S. we won’t tell the person who’s waiting to use the loo that you’re busy being caught up in that book 😉.

Your friends approach you for book suggestions

Despite all the information found on the internet (or from us!) your friends still view you as the most reliable source of book reviews. Because of how much you’ve read, you’re like Goodreads’ recommended section, just more trustworthy to them.

Your friends think you read too much

Don’t lie. You’ve cancelled on your friends just to read. You tell them that you’re busy and if they persist, you cook up something random like your third cousin, twice removed, is visiting from Czechoslovakia. But we know (and we’re pretty sure your friends know too) that you’re going to tuck yourself into your favourite reading position, toss your phone aside, and crack open that book.

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You own a shelf like this:

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