Public Mint

Following recent technical updates, transaction fees on the Public Mint mainnet will be reduced from $0.05 to $0.01, starting on the 17th of November.

MINT holders who migrate their tokens from Ethereum to the Public Mint Mainnet before the snapshot are eligible for a $10 gift

The partnership with the leading global CeFi provider adds yet another robust source of returns to the EARN program.

The pre-alpha version of NFTSmasher, a USD-based NFT marketplace entirely created by an independent developer, is running on the PM testnet.

Hero image Community buidling NFTSmasher

NovelSwap is a next-gen decentralized exchange by Plutos Network , currently running on the Public Mint testnet and soon to be live on the mainnet, initially offering MINT/USD trading pair.

The partnership boosts efforts to bring Public Mint EARN and fiat-native blockchain to the masses.

Sep 17, 2021 | Building up to the launch of EARN: a glimpse on what’s coming next

Public Mint

The easiest bridge between Fiat and Crypto

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