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EARN withdrawals temporarily suspended

Jun 14 | Due to the ongoing Celsius situation, we have temporarily disabled withdrawals from EARN.

  • USD+ can still be transferred at will, and funds can still be added to EARN. However, conversion back to USD (withdrawal from EARN) is temporarily disabled.
  • All funds on EARN are still bearing yield, which will be distributed to the users as they normally would.

About Public Mint

Public Mint is an open and complete blockchain platform for fiat money, where funds are fully collateralized and held on deposit with regulated, FDIC-insured institutions. Public Mint offers an open, fiat-native blockchain and APIs, ready for anyone to build fiat-based applications and accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, stablecoins and more. On top of that, the Public Mint EARN platform offers users automated and diversified returns on USD assets, leveraging the power of blockchain and DeFi.

About EARN

The EARN program is a community-governed earnings aggregation application built on top of Public Mint’s fiat-native blockchain. The program aims to make it easy and safe for the broader public to tap into the high returns available on the crypto space.



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