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How to claim your MINT tokens during the vesting period

Here’s what early investors need to know about the vesting period and how to claim outstanding MINT tokens purchased during private sales rounds

Today, May 26, 2021, begins the vesting period for MINT tokens purchased during the seed and private rounds.

  • Vesting starts: Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 5:00 PM UTC+1
  • Vesting ends: Saturday, February 26, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC+1

For the next nine months and thereafter, participants of the seed and private rounds will be able to claim their previously locked MINT tokens, in proportion to the time elapsed, calculated every block.

A total of 86,562,500 MINT will be vested and claimable during this period, which have now been deposited on the Vesting Contract:

Important: Token vesting will take place on the same address where you received your unlocked tokens following the end of the token sale.

Claiming your MINT tokens

You’ll need to interact with the contract to claim your MINT tokens. We highly recommend you use Metamask and the latest version of the Chrome browser to do that.

That said, if you’re technically-minded, you’re free to interact with the contract directly using the stack of your choice.

Access the Vesting Contract

Using, head to the Vesting Contract address and make sure you’re on the Contract tab, and click the Read contract button. This should show you a list of all available read methods that can be called.

Check your total vesting balance

From the list of methods, select balanceOf, enter the same address where you received your unlocked tokens into the account (address) field, and click the Query button. At the bottom you should see a [balanceOf(address) method Response] response, followed by a uint256 number in blue. This is your total vesting balance*.

*: Important note: uint256 numbers here are displayed in gwei format, and therefore appear a lot bigger than your actual token numbers. You can click on the number (it’s clickable) and Etherscan will take you to a unit conversion page. Your actual number of tokens can be found on the Ether row:

Actual amount at the Ether row

Check your available (vested) balance

Repeat the same step as above, but using the availableOf method instead. This will return the number of tokens available for claiming at that point in time. This number starts at zero and will increase with every block as tokens become vested according to the vesting schedule. You might want to double check that the current available amount is worth claiming at the time due to Ethereum fees.

Connect your wallet to Etherscan

Click on the Write Contract button and you’ll see a Connect to Web3 button appear. Click it, then select your wallet with the same address where you received your initial tokens. If you’re using Metamask, you should see a popup with a confirmation request. Allow Etherscan to connect to your wallet.

Make sure your wallet is connected

After you allow the connection, the button will turn green and the text will now read Connected, followed by your address. If the button doesn’t change immediately, you might need to reload the page.

Claim your vested balance

If you’re happy that the amount you can claim at the time is worth the Ethereum fees, simply select the Claim method and click the Write button. A Metamask popup with a transaction confirmation request should appear. Simply accept the transaction and you’re done. The tokens should be transferred to your wallet and the same amount will be deducted from your available balance — you can check this by using the availableOf method as outlined above.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via community or support email:

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