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Public Mint Community Updates #0

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Welcome to the first Public Mint Community Report, an ongoing summary of all things Public Mint to keep you, our amazing community, up to speed with what we’ve been doing lately.

It’s only fair that we start with a quick recap of the past weeks, and end with the key areas we’re working on for the near future.

Highlights of the fortnight

Apple iCloud connectivity
  • Public Mint Wallet connectivity: web wallet connectivity with Apple is fully functional. You can now use your Apple ID to create a Public Mint Wallet and safely store your keys in your iCloud account. Your keys are fully encrypted and yours alone — they cannot be accessed by Public Mint or anyone else. This way, you keep custody of your own keys and don’t have to worry about losing access to a specific device or a piece of paper with words.
  • Partnerships: insurance is a crucial piece for managing risk in any kind of investment. This week, we’ve announced our partnership with Nsure Network, the second insurance provider to join in our network of insurers for the EARN program after Bridge Mutual. This is another step towards further decentralizing (and adding resilience) to Public Mint EARN.
  • Liquidity Rewards Program extension: the Public Mint Liquidity Rewards Program was successfully renewed for another 30 days. Users who had MINT/ETH LP tokens on the staking platform haven’t skipped a beat in their rewards, and will continue to earn up to 315% APY until May 5.

What’s next?

As Q2 2021 unfolds, this is what we’re focusing on for the rest of this quarter:


  • USDC integration (ongoing): we’ve connected the backend via Circle’s APIs, and we’re currently going through internal validation processes. The next step will be to expose USDC options via our own APIs.
  • Public Mint mobile wallet (ongoing): work is steady on the mobile wallet, with the first clickable demo slated to come out early next week.
  • Credit cards integration (ongoing): we’ve shortlisted three providers of credit/debit card rails to add this funding option to Public Mint, and are conducting an in-depth assessment.
  • Metamask integration (not yet started): this integration with the world’s most popular web3 provider will allow you to use your existing Metamask wallet also on the Public Mint network


  • CeFi integrations (ongoing): we’re well advanced in conversations with two leading CeFi providers to kick-start the EARN Program with a strong portfolio of reputable companies. ANNs to come soon.
  • DeFi integrations (ongoing): as soon as the USDC integration is complete, we’ll begin integrating the EARN program with DeFi protocols — starting with Compound.
  • Other integrations (ongoing): we’re in conversation with multiple players on the DeFi and NFT spaces to build a bridge between more and more blockchain protocols and the fiat economy. We’ll be announcing these throughout the year.
  • KYC/Identity partners: we’re currently conducting the technical assessment to onboard additional partners into our platform.
  • Custodial partnerships: we’re actively researching custodial partners for both Euros and British Pounds, which are slated to be brought into the network in Q4 this year.


  • Upcoming AMA with the #CryptoEngine community (date and link to the event coming soon)
  • Updates to the website to make information more accessible and transparent: our team, our company, and our roadmap
  • We’re cooking up a secret community contest for later this month… keep an eye out in our Telegram channel and Twitter account for more information!

We’ll keep you posted with more regular updates as we BUIDL our way into the year, with focus on delivering on the roadmap — and then some.

Stay tuned!

About Public Mint

Public Mint bridges the worlds of traditional fiat with the innovative world of crypto, offering a complete platform for fiat, which is fully collateralized, regulated and FDIC insured.

Public Mint offers a fiat-native blockchain, APIs and web components, open and ready for anyone to build fiat-native applications and accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers and more. No bank accounts needed.

Our upcoming MINT Global Earn program brings direct fiat liquidity to CeFi and DeFi, exposing these opportunities to the world at large via earnings-bearing fiat currencies.


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